Fiber Hot Cut Terminology

The term "Hot Cut" refers to working on fibers that are adjacent to other fibers that are live and have traffic (In Service).

When would it be necessary?

  • To allow the movement of a cable from an existing right of way to a new right of way.
  • After cable restoration has been made using temporary splicing techniques. The final repair would involve fusion splicing a permanent cable around that area.

Fiber Mid-Sheath

  • The process would be ring cutting or taking a fiber cable and passing part of the count through while terminating the other part of the fibers.
  • Multi-bundle fiber now referred to as loose tube normally has 12 or 6 fibers to the group, fiber cable counts range from 6-Fibers to 288-Fibers and beyond.

Customer Consideration

  • The Customer would determine how many fibers would be required for service to a particular area and how many for future growth in that area.
  • The Customer would provide the necessary materials such as Fiber Cable, underground pipe or Inter Duct. In the case of Aerial Construction, the pole attachment hardware (messenger cable, straight bolts, bug nuts, tie straps, and lashing wire) would be needed.
  • The type and size of Fiber Optic Splice Cases used would be based on the fiber count and the possible future Cable terminations or routes that would be used to access that point. The splice cases would be Customer provided.
  • In an emergency can respond to cable cut and provide splice cases, trays, and sleeves.